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Making Your Commitment to the Arts

Artists produce great art - but without financial support, the canvases will remain empty and the concert halls dark. Asking for money is never easy - but it is a necessary evil to help ensure that the arts not just survive, but thrive. There are many ways you can help to support Boheme Opera NJ - and to let others know your commitment to keeping the arts alive. Please note that all contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law and that contributors receive a personal thank you letter for tax purposes.

We hope that you will explore these opportunities and decide to join us as a supporter.


Businesses, corporations and professionals often choose to support Boheme Opera NJ through advertisements. This source of revenue not only supports main stage productions, concerts and special events, but also demonstrates the crucial link between the arts and the public and private sectors. Advertisers gain a valuable opportunity for enhanced name and brand recognition with our diverse audiences, while showing their support for our Company and the arts. Advertisements appear in main stage program playbills, annual gala journals, and concert and special event programs. Additionally, an online marketing recognition effort will soon be launched.

Production Underwriting (click here to provide underwriting for The Magic Flute)

Individuals and entities interested in underwriting components of production may consider inquiring about the following:

All underwriters are recognized in the program playbill and are given an opportunity to meet the professionals involved in their component of underwriting. They will also receive the benefits unique to their level of giving.


Individual financial support is Boheme Opera NJ's most valuable asset. Along with ticket and special event revenue, individual giving and volunteering are at the top of the list of items that strengthen an arts organization in these challenging economic times. Whether it is contributing at one of the designated levels, underwriting a component of production or sponsoring an event, your personal investment in our work will continue to speak volumes on stage and throughout the community. Click here to learn more about how you can contribute to our 2011-2012 "Arts for a Change"Capital Campaign.

Special Events

Over the years, Boheme Opera NJ has periodically facilitated special events that raise funds for ongoing operations. Such events have included art auctions, women's club activities, young singer presentations, emerging artist concerts, meet and greet receptions, Spin-a-Thon and show previews.

These events have been significant sources of income that serve to boost the Company's general operating support. Each event has its own budget structure and level of expectation, thus playing a role in the cash flow scenario of the company. As events are announced, there are sponsorship opportunities, both small and large, available to prospective contributors. All sponsors are recognized in their respective event programs and will have a chance to meet those involved with the presentation of their event. They may also receive benefits unique to their event.


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