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The Art of Education

Since its founding in 1989, Boheme Opera NJ has used its resources to educate students of all ages on the operatic arts and to help groom the next generation of artists. Our programs have had a substantial impact on the cultural nurturing of youth, with educational programs that have benefited thousands of students, and on enriching the adult community.

Pre-Curtain Talks

Boheme Opera NJ Artistic Director and Conductor Joseph Pucciatti is the host of our pre-curtain talks, giving patrons not only the background of the work and its composer and librettist(s), but also back stories and historical references unique to each work. The experience is enhanced through learning the musical themes from the opera, played on the piano by Managing Director Sandra M. Pucciatti.

Talks begin one hour and fifteen minutes before the start of performances, allowing 30 minutes for patrons to stretch and socialize before the curtain goes up. Audience members may sit anywhere in the theater during the talks before moving to their purchased seats for the production. The talks are complimentary to all ticket holders and are sign-interpreted for the hearing impaired.

Apprentice Program, Inside Opera and Internships

Today's students are tomorrow's artists: on the stage, in the orchestra pit, behind the curtain and holding the baton. Boheme Opera NJ is committed to providing educational programs and opportunities for students from middle school and up to learn the operatic craft from the inside out. To learn more, click on any of the following topics:


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